Top 3 Reasons to Collect European Antique Furniture

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for furniture and furnishings have gradually transitioned from simple and practical to beautiful and value-preserving. In addition to the prevalence of the hottest mashup style nowadays, today, with a variety of modern-style furniture and home furnishings flooding the market, many people who want to add new furniture and home furnishing are gradually changing the taste in order to be surprised and different. The shopping perspective shifted to the historic European continent.

As an ancient European continent whose history can be traced back to 35,000 BC, it has a splendid historical background and rich cultural heritage. The best manifestation is that it condenses the objects made by the craftsmen living on this ancient continent, especially the furniture and home decoration, they can make people feel the different countries and different cultures of the Europa continent. Different charms. For example, the exquisite French furniture, the simplicity of English furniture, the roughness of Spanish furniture, and the integrity of the local details emphasized by Italian furniture, etc., all show the superb craftsmanship and endowment of craftsmen from various European countries at various times. The culture of creativity among craftsmen. In other words, to understand the different antique furniture and furnishings in various European countries is to understand their cultural outlook and values ​​from the side. This is why it has attracted more and more people who like and want to understand European history and culture to enter the aera of collecting European antique furniture and furnishings, because doing so can not only feast your eyes but also improve your self-cultivation, while Add value to assets. why not?

So, to talk about simplicity, it is not so easy to do. I tried to search for information about European antique furniture and furnishings on the Internet, but the information I can find is beyond description. Therefore, as a practitioner who has been engaged in the antique furniture and home furnishing industry for more than ten years overseas, I feel that I have this responsibility and obligation to share and discuss the experience I have accumulated over the years with everyone to make it more like European style. People of antique furniture and home decoration can integrate into it as soon as possible and avoid detours.

In fact, for these European antique furniture and furnishings, in simple terms, they generally have the following characteristics:

  1. Exquisite workmanship, it is almost impossible to copy.

Since these antique furniture and home furnishings were all handmade before, there are more or less hand-made traces, plus the years of lameness and the appearance of their own pulp, it is almost impossible to imitate. Since the vast majority of modern imitations are "off the shelf", some beginners who are just getting started can often tell the truth at a glance.

  1. Preservation and appreciation.

Judging from my own more than ten years of industry experience and the transaction records of auction houses of all sizes in the world, good European antique furniture and furnishings have hardly fallen in price. Even at different stages of the financial crisis, despite a slight decline, it will quickly adjust back. I have never seen a "cliff-like" decline, or even a "thunderstorm.

  1. With strong decorative.

The vast majority of European antique furniture and home furnishings are made of sophisticated materials and meticulous craftsmanship, so they look luxurious and atmospheric. Adding it to your home can definitely enhance the "forced style" of the entire house, and at the same time improve the style of the host family. They are not just furniture, but also irreplaceable crafts.


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