Top 4 Online Antique Shops in Australia

Although Australia's population is only a mere 20 million, the average quality of its citizens is generally high, so Australians' love for art is beyond words. Take the famous Melbourne graffiti street as an example. The works on the wall are dazzling, putting people in a magnificent world. Every year, thousands of local and international tourists can come here for sightseeing.

 In 2020, due to the impact of the Covid-19, more and more Australians prefer to shopping online. From ordinary tools to real estate, advertisements for online shopping can be seen everywhere. Among them, antique works of art are also included. Due to the complexity of the content on the Internet and the huge amount of information, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. Here, I deliberately combined my experience of living in Australia to recommend several reliable online antique art shopping platforms.

  1. Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association

At first glance, I believe many readers will think that I am crazy? Isn't this an industry association? How can it be possible to shop on it? Please be patient and let me explain. As we all know, Australia is a legal country that respects a market economy, and all industries will operate in accordance with the industry's internal guidelines. Any unethical business behaviours will be unanimously condemned by colleagues. The Australian Antiquities and Art Dealers Association plays such a role, overseeing every move in the industry. And if you want to become a member of the association, the requirements are extremely strict. In addition to a certain number of years of trading background in antiques and artworks, it also needs to have a solid academic foundation in theory, and it needs to be recommended by two active members, and then can become a member after being reviewed by the committee of its own state. At present, the association is also very compliant with the trend of the times, and has deliberately opened an online shop on their official website. The collections sold are all from the collections of its members. I believe that the collections sold under this association and their quality should be trustworthy.

  1. Antiquesplus

The website was established in 1993. After several rounds of expansion and updates, it has become Australia’s largest online antique and art sales platform. There are nearly a thousand online merchants, ranging from antique furniture accessories to antiquities. This website is like an offline antique market. If you look carefully, you might find some good things.

  1. Graham Geddes Antiques

This is a well-known antique shop in Australia. The shop was established in the 1960s by Mr. Graham Geddes, a well-known antique dealer in Australia. It has 3 stores on High Street, a famous antique street in Melbourne, Australia, and two large warehouses in the suburbs by the sea, each of which is not smaller in size 4000 square meters. I can say that this shop is the largest antique shop in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, the collections displayed on the store's official website are worth looking forward to. However, I still want to remind readers that because the store is too large and there are too many collections, there are many products that are too late to be put on the website. Therefore, if you have time, you should go to the store by yourself, and the enthusiastic clerk will answer all kinds of doubts carefully.

  1. Fine Classic Antiques

This website mainly sells high-end boutique antique furniture and artworks, and is the online classic brand of Graham Geddes Antiques mentioned earlier. The collection is rich, covering from ancient Roman cultural relics and sculptures to antique furniture and furnishings, oriental art and silverware and so on. Many of them are museum-quality collections and are worth seeing.

The above are some of the best-known antique online shops in Australia that I introduce to you. If you have any recommendations, please leave a message to me.

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