Fine Classic Antiques 18th Century French Regency Commode

The commode, as an important classic antiques part of French furniture, also occupied a decisive position in the 18th century during the Regency. It is usually placed at the end of the hallway of the house, against the wall, and a similar mirror is placed on the wall. This combination will make the whole house look calm. It can instantly improve the style of the whole house by several grades, and it will also be reflected out of the elegant artistic connotation of the owner.

The following I will briefly introduce some of the main features of the commode which were made by French cabinet makers during the 18th century Regency period.

The commode is made of oak or soft wood, usually with oak drawers. The legs of the commode are very short and dominated by curves. The curved legs are often shaped like deer hooves or other animal feet. The handles of the drawers are frog-legged. The surface of the chest of drawers is decorated with some precious wood, and the bronze gilt fittings with a typical regency style are installed at the frame.

Its outline is a crossbow. This shape represents a typical Regency style. The front is slightly round and rarely narrower than the back. This type of commode with a wide back is extremely rare and of excellent quality, which is sought after by collectors. Both types of commodes are topped with marble tops to make them look more luxurious.

The two main types of commodes are known as follows:

The first one is a very common type. It consists of three rows of drawers, and the drawers on each floor are clearly separated. The bottom two rows respectively consist of a single drawer that spans the width of the chest of drawers, and the third drawer below the marble top usually consists of two drawers.

Typical Design of 18th Century French Commode

Other Typical Designs of 18th Century French Commode

Other Typical Designs of 18th Century French Commode

Other Typical Designs of 18th Century French Commode

The second type of commode has only two rows of drawers. Some beams of the commodes are visible while others are not. The side supports (including corners and legs) of the commodes are bent into a double "s" shape. This is the rarest and most detailed work of the Regency period.

18th Century French Regency Commode Made by Charles Cressent

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