Fine Classic Antiques 18th Century French Regency Bureauplat, Cabinets and Bookcases

In 18th century, there were a lot of French cabinet makers who developed or improve the structure and the style of different furniture and their works have become classic antiques nowadays.


There are two types of bureauplats. The first type is made of blackened pear wood, the table body is supported by four legs with double "S" curves, and has five drawers. There is a large drawer in the centre of the table, and the remaining four are evenly distributed on both sides of the table, arranged vertically in pairs. A layer of leather is attached to the surface of the table. The leather is linear and has gilt edges. The extensive use of gilt is the typical style of the Regency period.

18th Century French Regency Bureauplat with Five Drawers

18th Century French Regency Bureauplat with Three Drawers


Encoignures are usually made of wood veneer and have two doors. Copper gilt accessories are widely used on it, and it also has a marble top. They almost all have a curved front.

A Pair of 18th Century French Regency Encoignures


Formally speaking, the bookcase is like a large wardrobe with two doors, standing on a light, straight base with either pointed or rounded corners. In general, there are two types of bookcases, one with curvilinear friezes, the centre of which protrudes, and the other friezes are curved inward.

Both types of bookcases are wood veneer and can be distinguished from wardrobes by the design of their doors, which consist of wooden veneer frames decorated with metal grilles or glass.

18th Century French Bibliotheques

18th Century French Bibliotheques

18th Century French Bibliotheques

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