Beautiful Desks and Tables of Louis XVI

The following are some examples of beautiful desks and tables of Louis XVI’s period.
1.Exceptional bureau plat in ebony veneer, bearing the stamp of E.J. Cuvelier.

2.Fine bureau plat in mahogany veneer with sober, elegant ormolu mounting. The decoration of Sevres porcelain plaques makes this a rare piece, highly-prized by collectors. It bears the stamp of E. Levasseur.

3.Fine salon table of exceptional quality, in ebony veneer with brass and pewter profiles and a marble mosaic top. Richly mounted with chased ormolu. As we have already seen, the Louis XVI style drew heavily on the Louis XIV style in both designs and materials. This is an example of a table using subjects from furniture by Charles Boulle, celebrated cabinet-maker to the Sun King and known for his creations inlaid with marble, brass, pewter, silver and tortoiseshell. It bears the stamp of Martin Carlin.

4.Very rare fine table in solid mahogany and mahogany veneer, richly mounted with ormolu. Of particular note are the original shape and the four lyres in patinated bronze and ormolu which support the table top. It bears the stamp of G Jacob.

5.Very rare fine salon table of exceptional quality attributed to Gouthiere, the famous chaser, in blue lacquered iron with chased ormolu mounts. The top is supported by mounts in the form of female busts wearing draperies, with plaited hair and cushions on their heads.

6.Fine bureau plat of exceptional quality, in mahogany veneer with bands of ebony, richly mounted which chased ormolu and bearing the stamp of P.C. Montigny, master cabinet-maker in Paris in 1766.

7.Fine bureau plat in tulipwood veneer, inlaid with grecques in amaranth, enhanced with elegant chased ormolu mounts and bearing the stamp of P.H. Mewessen, master cabinet-maker in Paris in 1766.

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