Fine Classic Antiques Furniture of French Louis XVI furniture

The Louis XVI style is not particularly creative in design. The successor to all the innovations of the Louis XV style, it interprets this heritage in its own language. Among them, bonheur-du-jour made its debut in 1750 and quickly became fashionable. However, the specifics of this fine classic antiques style are embodied in the round table, commode and console.

The Table Bouillotte
It is a round table with a diameter of about 70 cm, consisting of a marble top surrounded by a metal rim, with two drawers and two sliding surfaces on the frieze. It is usually made of mahogany and has four legs. Its name comes from a card game called bouillotte, invented in the Louis XVI region. It usually has a removable dome, wrapped in leather on one side and covered in green cloth on the other, for playing card games.

The Commode Desserte and Console Desserte
The Dessert commode is a half-moon-shaped chest of drawers with three rows of drawers in the middle front, and the top frieze drawer is smaller than the lower two rows. Two raised side sections contain shelves that are flush with the drawers.

Sometimes the frieze of the Commode Desserte has only one row of drawers with two shelves below. In this case, it's better known by the more appropriate name "Console Desserte". It's much less in number than Commode Desserte, but Console Desserte with a single layer are common.

Sometimes this shape can be described in general terms as a "flat half-moon": the front central part is straight and only the side parts are concave or convex.

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