Fine Classic Antique Furniture of Main Features of Louis XVI Furniture

I have briefly introduced Louis XVI furniture from the last blog. Now I would like to discuss the main features of Louis XVI furniture.

To better understand this return to the past, I will now list the decorative elements taken from antiquity and giving new life to Louis XVI furniture. Through carvings and inlays of different woods, they reveal the following elements: female heads, incense burners, pine cones, rosettes, garlands, trophies, acanthus leaves and rosettes intertwined with knots.

The use of finishes, inlays and varnishes is largely the same as for Louis XV furniture, but the interpretation of the style is completely different.
In floral inlays, there is a preference for small bouquets and vases in a stylized, restrained arrangement, which is quite different from the decoration of Louis XV furniture, which favors lush, disordered flowers whose rosettes also become rosebuds of Louis XVI. The decorative images of Louis XVI's mosaics depict idyllic scenes, echoing life close to nature, which can also be seen in the literature of the time.

The use of Chinese varnish and martin lacquer reflects the same style as Louis XV, but its scene depiction of oriental life unfolds on flat furniture surfaces.

Furnishings, especially the decoration of chests of drawers, often feature round or oval medallions with typical stylistic elements (female heads, floral inlays, musical instruments, children). Surrounded by rich inlays, it is another typical aspect of the Louis XVI style. Many pieces are inlaid with round, oval or rectangular tiles, and some have simple metal bases with some grooves in the legs and drawer beams.
Also, the convex shape disappeared and the straight line reappeared. But to avoid excessive rigidity, the cabinet maker use heavily rounded or beveled corners in their designs, avoiding right angles as much as possible. The half moon is formed in a typical Louis XVI form. This form was only occasionally seen in some rustic and transitional wall tables before.


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