Some Classical Commodes of Louis XVI

The following examples are some classical commodes of Louis XVI’s period.
1.Fine mahogany commode with ormolu mounts. Of particular note are the two drawers sans traverse and the ormolu frieze around the upper section, with its grey Saint-Anne marble top.

2.Fine half-moon commode with tulipwood veneer, ormolu mounts and a breche d’alep marble top. The two drawers have no visible traverse and are made to form a single panel by the ormolu mounts, which elegantly enhance the value of the piece.

3.Very rare fine commode with doors veneered in tulipwood and inlaid with stylished flowers, bearing the stamp of M. Carlin. The shape is emphasised by extensive ormolu mounting.

4.Fine commode a l’anglaise of exceptional quality, with tulipwood veneer and amaranth bands, extensively mounted with chased ormolu, bearing the stamp of C.C. Saunier, master cabinet-maker in Paris in 1752.

5.Excellent quality commode in amaranth veneer, bearing the stamp of J.F.Leleu. It is said to have been bought by George III of England at a sale held by the French revolutionaries and given to his personal physician, Mr. Coningby.

6.Fine commode in speckled mahogany, attributed ti Riesener, master cabinet-maker in Paris in 1768.


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